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Leaving Central Asia

After spending the last three years in Central Asia, God is moving us on. The last two months for us have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster as we said many tearful goodbye’s to a lot of close friends, got rid of almost everything we owned, packed up, and flew out east to Indonesia. At the same time we are so excited and full of expectation for this next season. God began speaking to us a little over year ago about Indonesia but we were not sure when or how He would have us come here. As we were working in Tajikistan, He began to confirm that calling here over and over and we finally felt that He was closing the door for us in Central Asia. We felt that we should take a 2 month scouting trip and asked the Lord to direct us as to where he would have us serve in Indonesia.

“From Land Tribes to Sea Tribes”

Vision for the Remote Islands of Indonesia

This is a small section of the Riau Islands

Indonesia is a vast country with over 17,000 islands, some very remote and unreached. As some of you know I (Jonathan) have been feeling that God wants to use me in the mission field through Aviation. As we have been here in Indonesia scouting out the area into many of the very remote villages we are beginning to see how immense the need is for small aircraft. I have been traveling out into these villages by small boat in an area called the Riau Islands. This area has about 3,000 islands and a population of close to 1 million people living in coastal villages. This is a closed muslim region and completely unreached right now as the area is so vast and difficult to get in and out. I have been meeting with other organization leaders here and discussing the possibility and logistics of bringing a seaplane into this area, as many of them also feel it is a huge need that would open the doors for reaching these communities. This is a strategic time right now in Indonesia as many people I have talked to here feel that God is really beginning to move and a new harvest is about to come in.

What’s Next

We will be flying back to the States this June, and I will be taking flight training in Colorado for a year.  We will head to Michigan for a mission aviation school the following year as we prepare for what God is calling us to. We would love for you to continue to pray for us in God’s leading in this area, this is going to be a big transition for our family both coming back to the States and also moving into a new country and culture. We are also looking for a place to live right now in Colorado Springs, if you know of anyone looking to rent out a house please let us know!

Prayer Needs

• Open doors with Indonesian leaders

• House to rent in Colorado Springs

• Our kids transitioning back into the States

• A reliable car for longer road trips

• Increased support for Mission Aviation training

We love you all so much and want to say thank you for your continued support as we follow his leading out to the unreached!


Jonathan, Tina, Amy, Christian and Elliana

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Some Photos From The Riau Islands:







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